SASS Professional Updates

SASS Clarity & Sheer Bliss

Please note that the below information relates to CLARITY and SHEER BLISS ONLY.. All other SASS Professional products remain perfectly beautiful.


You may be aware that we have had issues with our Clarity and Sheer Bliss Core powders which has been frustrating for us all.

Our initial order was the purchase of our Clarity and Sheer Bliss as ‘co-polymers’, meaning you would be able to use them for both ‘Dip Systems’ and ‘Sculpting’ enhancements. To be honest I was very hesitant in changing to a co-polymer purely because I know nothing about them or how they work, negatives, positives etc etc… but most importantly to me, I had very limited knowledge about the science behind the product.

But times are changing and dip systems are very popular and I was reassured on numerous occasions so I went against my gut feeling.. lesson learnt.

Clarity and Sheer Bliss are not Core Building Powders, which we need for sculpting on forms. You can use both to cap with and you can even use both of them to create a full set of nails on tips as the tip acts as a base, but for sculpting they don’t have the strength needed to create a strong base.

There is also the ‘ratio’ issue with them which is very divided between our techs. Some techs (‘techs’ includes both you the Educator and Ambassador Teams) are experiencing runny beads which have no control, while other techs are having no dramas at all and they love it! Hence my constant pounding headache.. hahahaha 😉


Ok so moving on… We jumped on it straight away by putting callouts on social media for order numbers and then the tedious job of order searching as not everyone saw the posts and we will make sure every single customer gets a replacement sent … So High 5 to us, all sorted!!… Or so we thought 🙁

Turns out that our newest batch which is (supposedly) not a co-polymer potentially has the same issues (I say ‘potentially’ because again its very divided!!) but without wasting any more time decided the best course of action is to remove both from sale (done) and issue a product recall on both products.


I have already placed an ‘urgent’ supply order from a completely different supplier and have started the process of seeking resolution with the previous supplier.

‘Urgent’ is as quick as possible, but still not quick enough for me. Our expected wait time is up to 12 weeks but It certainly is worth the wait. I first started sampling this supplier a few weeks ago and had already decided that for a full future system we would definitely go with them, we are just going to go with them now, the powders are perfection. The performance is perfection. Every single little bit is perfection.


We have obviously ceased sending out replacements now and ask for your patience while we wait for the new arrivals.

You will automatically be sent your replacement product/s as soon as they arrive. You will also receive in that package a paid return post satchel addressed to SASS for return of your faulty product/s, we need to provide returns for our resolution process with the original supplier. You do not need to do anything, you do not need to notify us, we have all details required now.

Please cross your fingers that the next 12 weeks goes really quickly!!

Tess & all at SASS Professional <3