CORE PERFECTING and Tips n Tricks Class with Tess IN PERSON SEATS






So excited to be holding a class again!!! So much for retiring from Educating, but I really don’t think that if you love what you do, you’ll ever retire!! 


Welcome to SASS! As you know we were formally known as the Fluid Nail Design Education Team where we delivered the BEST training Australia Wide over a HUGE 9 or so years!!! Our final year of full Educating was 2019 (before Covid slammed us!) which saw 572 technicians/students/beginners attend our classes and courses! 


We are again offering the same excellence (and MORE!!) in training except this time it’s for OUR Brand SASS Professional!!! 


I’d love you to join me for hours of fun and learning! I’m going to share with you all of my Tips n Tricks and Time Saver techniques!

We are going to be starting from the START! PERFECTING EVERY STEP along the way!

I will teach you my ‘3 step Ratio Method’ which was developed by me and is a proven ratio measure for any Core system YOU choose! 

  • Learn to Prep the Natural Nail Safely AND Correctly —–>  eliminating your First step for ‘No Lift Application’
  • How much Primer to use? I’ll explain (and show) when is too much, when is too little and the differences between primers —–>  eliminating your Second step for ‘No Lift Application’
  • TIPS! I will teach my method for Tip Application so that your Acrylic (or gel) is the main base for strength. 
  • Forms! Learn how to modify and fit for all sizes, shapes etc. 
  • Application ~ 3 Step Ratio Method AND teach you my Tips n Tricks for perfect application techniques! —–>  Eliminating the Third step for No Lift Application!
  • Learn Correct Cuticle Application ~ Eliminate the need for excessive finish filing!
  • Filing! ~ How to get rid of Central AND Free edge Fat Bellies! 
  • 30 MINUTE Refills! Learn all of my Tips n Tricks guaranteed to reduce a cuticle refill service to 30 MINUTES —–> Start 2 Finish!
  • APEX —–> Learn what it’s ACTUALLY FOR, WHY we need it….. AND WHERE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE BUILT! No… it does NOT stay in the same position of every set for every client!
  • Learn how to apply product on a really WIDE nail plate to create a slimmer look! 
  • Gel Polish on Acrylic Application and Shaping —–> Filing Techniques so the end result doesn’t look 3 times WIDER then it was prior to Gel Polish Application!
  • Business Tips n Tricks!! ~ I’ll share all of my secrets for quick rebooking and how to entice a client to book at a time and day that suits YOUR salon! Learn my quick colour solving techniques for the dreaded clients who take an hour to pick a colour!!! 

AND SO MUCH MORE…… I remember SO much more as I go along!!

We will be having an ‘Open House’ Q&A at the end of our practical class, where you are invited to ASK ALL the QUESTIONS you ever wanted to know! If  I know the answer, I’ll share it!

So have your pen and paper with you and every time you think of something WRITE IT DOWN so you don’t forget to ask on the day! 


When? Sunday December 5th

Time? Start 11am  – Finish —–> when we finish! 

Where? ONLINE AND IN PERSON! In person seats are LIMITED to 15 people ONLY!

ONLINE seats are perfect for those who want this but can’t make it on that day OR live no where near us!


Online Seats – $170 – Non Refundable Deposit of $70 required to hold your seat, or feel free to pay in full.

In Person – 15 LIMITED seats available here at SASS in Rosebud Victoria

$250 – Non Refundable Deposit of $100 required to hold your seat, or feel free to pay in full.

Payment options available:

PayPal…. PayPal Pay in 4…. Humm…. Zippay…. Afterpay…. CC…. Bank Transfer


All attendee’s will receive a 15% OFF Code for all SASS Professional Products upon receipt of final payment!

What you need for the Class: 

Cuticle Pusher

Primer & Prep

Core Products ~ Powder and Monomer 


Natural Nail Prep Bit & a finish file Course Bit of your choice (all are available at

Your preferred hand files – 180, 150 grit etc


Acrylic Brush ~ #8, #10, #12 —–> If you use a bigger size, go for it!

The Essentials ~ dental bibs, dust brush, dappen dish etc etc

Gel Polish ~ your colour choice ~ Check out for their amazing selection of Gel Polish —–> Most are ONE COAT polishes!

Gel Top Coat


And anything else you usually use to create a set of nails!


All attendee’s will receive a Certificate!

You must be a Qualified OR Current Enrolled Nail Student who has completed their ‘application’ part of course. Please go to our ‘SASS Professional Acrylic Range menu tab for information on how to gain professional access. 


 * Following updated ACCC Covid Laws for the protection of  small business, SASS Professional exercise our right to transfer ticket or event sales to a later date in the event that the event be cancelled due to Covid Restrictions or in the event that you can no longer attend. Deposits as advised remain non refundable.  




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