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Fluid Nail Design Foundation & Electric File Course

®Beauty Stop Online Australia presents to you the ©Fluid Nail Design Acrylic Foundation & Electric File Course.


Our mission is to provide the skills necessary to enter our industry confidently

and competently while enabling our students to provide industry recognised

services, professional care and informed advice for their clients.

About Our Educators

Fluid Nail Design Educators are experienced qualified Nail

Technicians/Educators who have been delivering Australia wide advanced private

training on behalf of Beauty Stop Online Australia since 2013. In

this time, we have been very fortunate to have advanced thousands of qualified

nail technicians by providing them the skills to take their careers to the next

level, as well as having the honour of introducing ‘New Technicians’ to our industry via our renowned Acrylic Foundation & Electric File Course.

Our Educators are all highly trained award-winning Nail Technicians who

provide excellence in salon nails, advanced training and nail art training. It is

with this experience and proven track record that we bring to you the Fluid Nail

Design Acrylic Foundation & Electric File Course.

The Fluid Nail Design Acrylic Foundation & Electric File Course is an industry

recognised Course with a full inclusive lesson plan.

In the Fluid Nail Design Acrylic Foundation & Electric File Course you will leave

with the required skills needed to do a full set of Sculptured Acrylic Natural nails, Acrylic

French nails, Encapsulated art using mediums and coloured acrylics, refills/infills, safe use of an E-File (Electric File) troubleshooting, Salon Safety, Sanitisation, Hygiene and contraindications and more.

You will receive an Industry Recognised ‘Certificate of Completion’ in Acrylic

Nails and use of an Electric File upon completion of your course and final


Outlined below is all information required to help you make an informed

decision as to if the Fluid Nail Design Acrylic Foundation & Electric File Course is

the right course for you.

Fluid Nail Design Acrylic Foundation – Unit 1

  • Nail Anatomy – our Nail Anatomy component of our course covers

subject fields including Contraindications, Nail Diseases and Disorders.

  • Sanitisation and Hygiene – following required Australian Industry

Standards this component covers all correct sanitizing, sterilization,

hygiene and OH&S

  • Acrylic Product Knowledge – Get to know the science behind the product.
  • Safe Natural Nail Preparation and Care – Caring for the Natural Nail. Correct, safe natural nail prep using a hand file and E-file.
  • Acrylic Application – Liquid to Powder (L&P) ratio for bead sizing, product flow and technique. Brush and product control. And our proven ‘No Lift’ application techniques.
  • Acrylic Sculpting – In our Acrylic Sculpting component you will learn how

to Sculpt Acrylic Nail Enhancements using Nail Forms. Filing. Shaping. Finish Filing.

Sculptured Pink and White French. Sculptured Coloured Acrylic and

Glitter French. Sheer Powder application for Natural looking Sculptured


  • Acrylic Refills/Infills – Cuticle area Acrylic Removal. Preparation. Application.

Filing. Re-Shaping. Finish Filing.

  • Acrylic Rebalancing – Full rebalancing of the enhancement and product

after substantial growth.

  • Acrylic Reverse Bead French – Learn how to create a beautiful French Nail

using the reverse bead method, great for nail biters and/or extending the

nail plate for designer nails.

  • Nail Shapes – Learn the ‘Latest Trend Nail Shapes’ and Salon shapes

including Square, Coffin, Almond, Salon Stiletto and Oval.

  • Form fitting and modification – Learning how to correctly position and fit

forms to suit all nail shapes.

  • Acrylic Enhancement Removal – This component covers all safe correct

removal procedures for Natural Nail Preservation.

  • Nail Art – Our Art component covers embedding glitters, coloured

powders and a range of mixed art media.

  • Gel Polish Application – The basics of Gel Polish application on Acrylic

Enhancements. (Please note we have a Gel Polish Manicure workshop –

Ask your Educator for more information if this is of interest to you after

completion of your course).

  • Aftercare – Covering all needed aftercare information for yourself and

your clients. When to return for refills etc, Caring for your acrylic nails.

Fluid Nail Design Electric File (E-File) – Unit 2

The use of an Electric File (E-File) is one of the most important tools in our

industry. An electric file can reduce your service time dramatically and will

also reduce the stress to your hands, shoulders, wrist and arms caused by constant hand filing. However it is extremely important to learn how to use an e-file safely and

competently as covered in our Electric File Unit 2 below.

  • E-File – Providing you with hands on quality E-File training. E-file and

E-file Bits product knowledge. Safe E-filing for both natural nail and acrylic enhancements.

  • All about your E-File, understanding how an e-file works
  • Setting your E-File Speeds for different uses
  • Safely and Competently using your E-file
  • Hand control & Balancing your E-File
  • E-File Bits and accessories and their use
  • Natural Nail Prep using approved Prepping Bits
  • Removing Lift & Flushing your product for refills
  • Removing Gel Polish
  • Debulking and product removal
  • Rebalancing
  • Changing Nail Shapes using an E-File
  • Decreasing Length
  • Under Nail Filing
  • Finish filing perfection 

Fluid Nail Design Acrylic Foundation & Electric File – Theory

  • You will receive the Fluid Nail Design Foundation & Electric File Course Manual

outlining all learning units covered in the class as well as reference materials,

troubleshooting information, client consultation, record keeping and more.

  • A ‘Student Schedule’ will be supplied to you so you can see what you are

learning week to week.

  • You will be added to our private Student Support Facebook Group where you

will always have access to on hand help and information.

  • You will be required to complete a range of homework tasks each week to be

completed before the following weeks class as part of your course. All work

including homework tasks contribute to your final assessment pass and certificates are not issued if you have work outstanding. Homework tasks are minimal in personal time required for completion.

  • You will also complete a final theory and practical assessment for issuing of your certificate.

Class Times and Delivery

The Fluid Nail Design Acrylic Foundation & Electric File Course Intakes are

available with a maximum of 4 students per class. No pre-requisites are required.

ALL course payments must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to course start

date. As our postage times are unpredictable due to Covid-19 we need to ensure that we have plenty of time to have your course kits sent and received.

Course Intake Dates – Each Educator has her own specific date and times for course delivery. You will find all of this information under your nearest Educators course listing on our website.

We believe that doing your Fluid Nail Design Foundation & Electric File Course over a period, of time helps you further maintain and gain further practical skills with homework tasks and assessments in between your structured classes. This greatly helps with trouble shooting and retaining information and practical skills taught in class.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend a class due to unforeseen circumstances, you

will be required to catch up on the next consecutive class. If you are unable to do

so and require additional time outside of the course intake dates you will be

required to pay $50 p/hour. Please understand that our educators also run their

own salons and if they are required to provide you with any ‘catch-up classes’

outside of the intake dates this is at a loss of income to their business.

Fluid Nail Design Professional Kit

You will be provided with a Fluid Nail Design Professional Acrylic Kit as part of

the Course. Your professional kit contains all the products needed for the

duration of the course and more. You will be given Professional access to our ‘Professional Only’ website where you will be able to purchase from our entire Professional range including Coloured Acrylic Powders. These Coloured Powders make up a portion of your course and your Educator will also supply them to you to use during your classes.

Acrylic Foundation Kit


  • FND Acrylic Beginners Module
  • 100 grams Ultra Pink Polymer Powder
  • 100 grams Cover Peach Polymer Powder
  • 100 grams Snow White Polymer Powder
  • 250ml Primerless Monomer
  • 250ml Cool Prep Dehydrator
  • Cuticle Oil
  • #8 Acrylic Fluid Nail Design Professional Brush
  • 4 x Hand Files
  • Buffing block
  • 100 Sculpting Forms
  • Soak Off Kit: 125ml Acetone, Orangewood Sticks, Cotton Wool
  • Practice Tips
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Dust Brush
  • Nail Scissors
  • Dappen Dish

Electric File Kit

  • Lord Muck Professional Electric File with 6 months manufactures warranty
  • 1 x LMP Diamond Prepping Bit
  • 1 x LMP Carbide Course Skin Safe Bit
  • 1 x Safety Glasses
  • 1 x Dust Mask

Course Enrolment and Payment Information

The Fluid Nail Design Acrylic Foundation & Electric File Course cost is $2,420 Inc GST all-inclusive of the kits provided (kits cannot be removed or adjusted from

the course).

Booking: Bookings are made under the ‘FND Acrylic Foundation Beginners Course’ menu at

where you will find your Educator’s next intake listing and payment options.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to enrol and secure your place. In

the event that you are unable to join your booked intake we will allow you to

defer your enrolment to a future intake once only. We are unable to hold your

place without a deposit.



Our Education and Management Team are taking every precaution and following full safety and Australian Government regulations and procedures to ensure the safety of our students and our team. In the event that a course should be rescheduled due to Covid-19 laws of trade and training in our industry, we will exercise our legal rights and obligations by rescheduling our courses/classes to a future date. In this event we advise that your deposit and/or payments made will be transferred to advised future date. Following the ACCC’s Covid-19 Laws for the protection of Small Business Independent Training refunds will not be issued under any circumstance.

Available Payment Options

* Afterpay

* PayPal

* Bank Transfer

* Humm

* Credit Card

* Zippay

The above Payment options are available to you providing the course is paid in

full no later than 3 weeks prior to your start date allowing us time to order your

kits, manuals.

What happens Next

Once you have decided to enrol in the Fluid Nail Design Acrylic Foundation Beginners Course you will need to secure your position by paying for your $500 deposit via your local Educators Course listing on our website. You are not enrolled until deposit payment has been made. Your Educator is available to help you with any further information and to keep you informed about your upcoming course. You will find her email address on her listing for first point of contact, if you haven’t already.

Further Education, Advanced Learning Classes

Our Team of Educators run advance classes through out the year. These classes are for qualified Nail technicians wanting to learn advance techniques and perfect their nail art. All events are listed under the ‘Events’ tab on our Facebook page Fluid Nail Design Australia.

Personalised One on One’s

Our Educators also offer ‘Personalised’ training in a one on one setting and completely tailored to the techs specific areas of improvement or further learning . One on Ones are only available to students that are qualified.

On behalf of the Fluid Nail Design Education Team, we look forward to introducing you to the Nail Industry.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Educator

Tess Robertson ~

®Beauty Stop Online Australia               

©Fluid Nail Design Australia

®NailSwag Industries Australia

Australian FND Master Educator

Head of Sales and Distribution FND Australia


Facebook: Fluid Nail Design Australia

Insta: @fluidnaildesign

Insta: @nailswagindustries

®Beauty Stop Online Australia retain full ownership of all information and

delivery of all classes/training delivered under the chosen product brand name of Fluid

Nail Design. Fluid Nail Design Australia accept no ownership or responsibility for any

class/training delivered by Beauty Stop Online Australia or the Fluid Nail Design

Education Team who remain employed by Beauty Stop Online Australia.

This document and all course documents, manuals, files and all course information remains the property of ®Beauty Stop Online

SASS Professional ~ Acrylic Foundation Beginners Course

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