#01 Transfer Foil ~ Strawberry Shortcake ~ Single


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For best results we recommend NailSwag Transfer Glue ~

Apply a thin layer of glue to the area you would like your foil to adhere to.

The glue will apply with a faint blue hue and is ready for you to apply your foil when the blue has changed to clear.

For precise designs:

Place your foil over the glue and firmly rub the foil transfer all over for approx 20 seconds. Peel the foil off in a swift motion.

For mixed transfer colour designs: For example galaxy nails using more than one colour foil per nail ~

Using your finger on the outside layer of the foil, very quickly push the foil on and off the nail in fast motions. Change foil colour and repeat.

Cap your final design with a Gel Top Coat for Gel Polish Designs or a Hard Gel Top Coat for acrylic designs.

* Tip – 2 coats of Top Coat will help the design last longer

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